Build your dream digital product

From validation to production, we provide everything you need to transform your idea into powerful software, fit to the market and delightful to your users

We get you

Every entrepreneur has that inner urge to innovate, to bring their contribution to the world, and you make no exception.

Finding the right talent for pursuing your idea can be rather problematic though, and it may take too much time. It can take months until you have your team assembled, while you're bleeding money.

Defocusing your existing team from your main gig may not be the best way forward either. Their skill set is most probably tuned to your current projects, and not so much for your novel idea.

You've got no time to waste. The faster you'll go to market, the more you'll be ahead of the competition. You need to start now.

We know how it feels, and we're here to help.

end-to-end product development

We've got you covered


Market research, Competitive analysis, User interviews, Prototyping


Solve the right problems,
Choose the best platforms


Seamless UX, Modern UI

Pragmatic Engineering

From traditional technology to Machine Learning and AI

Production Readiness

Automated QA, Cloud-based deployments, SRE, Monitoring


Real-time monitoring of product Usage, Performance and Stability

We breathe software

We love talking to your future users, we're fluent in market & competitive research, we live for good UX.

We take machine learning and AI for more than buzzwords, and we don't shy away from using classic technologies when they're best for you.

We believe in analytics, and in data-driven decisions. Guesswork is not an option when it comes to your success.

You know where we are every step of the way
Team skills tailored to your needs
You understand what you're paying for
Scrum, Kanban, Lean - project management tuned to your business
YOUR OWN team and process

Fit for the job

Complex problems need systematic, incremental approaches, and each project needs its own blend of competences. We'll get you handpicked talent working swiftly to get your idea to life, fastest possible.

You'll have complete visibility over our progress, we'll show you working demos, and you'll have a say anytime something needs to change.


Fancy when necessary

Being pragmatic is fundamental for efficient engineering.
While we get excited every time we have the chance to use hip technology like ML, AI, blockchain or AR, we'll never turn away from using established, effective tools or programming languages.

big data